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£500.00 back if you don’t save money on your card payment processing fees with Novus Pay.

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In order to enter the Challenge please submit a copy of your most recent merchant statement via email to or complete the form above.

Terms & Conditions

This price challenge (the “Challenge”) is subject to the Challenge Terms and Conditions below which are supplementary to our general Terms and Conditions for use of this Website.

  1. You agree to be bound by the Challenge Terms and Conditions in relation to the Challenge and confirm that all information provided is accurate.
  2. The Challenge is open and claims shall be valid for submission until 01/08/2019
  3. We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Challenge and these Challenge Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
  4. By entering the Challenge you agree to be included in our promotional material.
  5. In order to qualify for the Challenge you must:
  • offer your services using Novus Pay wherever possible on a like-for-like basis; and
  • take at least 80% of your transactions through consumer debit or credit cards.
  1. The Challenge is not open to you if:
  • you are one of our existing customers;
  • you have a package deal for our services, for example if you have a fixed no. of transactions and machine rental included;
  • your pricing is below current interchange costs as published by card schemes;
  • you are using purchased POS terminal equipment, meaning a pre-purchased POS terminal not included in a monthly contract;
  • you operate in either the kitchen and bathroom or vehicle hire and trade sectors;
  • you or your business is a member of a buying group or trade association;
  • you have entered the Challenge within the previous 12 month period; or
  • if you have already received a pay out under the Challenge.
  1. The £500.00 award (the “Award”) will only be paid out to you in the instance that we cannot offer an overall annual saving. We will determine this by reviewing copies of your merchant statements from the prior three months.
  2. Our assessment of your savings is calculated by including the following:
  • card processing fees (MSC);
  • minimum monthly service charges (MMSC);
  • terminal rental fees;
  • PCI DSS fees (including non-compliance fees);
  • authorisation fees, payment gateway fees and any other associated fees or costs; and
  • any membership fees (if applicable).
  1. For the avoidance of doubt, any costs incurred through switching providers will not be included within the above-mentioned savings calculation.
  2. Novus Pay reserves the right to verify all Challenge claims and may, in its sole discretion, refuse to pay out the Award if you do not satisfy any eligibility requirements or if you provide us with false or misleading information. We further reserve the right to withhold and/or refuse payment where we suspect that any false or fraudulent claim is being made.
  3. Once a successful claim under the Challenge has been verified by us, we will make payment to the claimant via cheque or BACS as soon as is practicable. We do not accept any liability for lost or delayed payments, howsoever caused.