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Payment solutions specifically designed for business that rely on telephone or mail orders.

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Mail Order



MOTO stands for Mail Order Telephone Order. MOTO payments are made via virtual terminals and are suitable for telephone-based businesses where no face-to-face transactions occur. These solutions are for businesses whose payments are processed remotely. In all cases, the cardholder is not present. MOTO solutions are suitable for businesses taking any payments by mail or telephone order, such as takeaways, insurance brokers, accountants and solicitors. You can accept payments by using a traditional electronic terminal, or alternatively, we can provide you with a virtual terminal so that payments can be processed via a web-based application.

MOTO features

Commonly known as virtual terminals, MOTO solutions are based on a secure web-based system which enables you to process transactions via the telephone without your customers being present. These systems also work well for mail order based businesses.

It’s really simple to manage a MOTO solution, all you have to do is connect to the internet using any device and take details of your customer cards over the phone. You then use these details to complete a secure online form to take payment.


No website needed

You just need an internet enabled device


Secure payment protection

The latest security features to ensure all details are fully safe


Accept credit & debit cards

Accept major debit & credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and Maestro

Simplifying payment processing

Novus Pay are committed to acting as a trusted and honest advisor of payment services throughout our relationship with merchants. If we are not empowering our clients’ businesses by helping to create a fantastic payments ecosystem, we have failed in our mission. The excess time and money you will spend finding the right advice, services and providers that you need will be saved if you choose Novus Pay. With Novus Pay you are in good hands and we guarantee to save you money!


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