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Mobile Credit Card Terminal For Small Business

12th April 2022

Whether you’re running a mobile business, or if you’re just considering the idea of going out on your own and setting up your very own mobile business then you’ll have a lot of things on your mind, from the kind of service you provide, reaching new customers, keeping existing customers and keeping prices very competitive. But one of the things you might not have thought about is how to accept payments from customers. It may seem very straightforward to accept card or cash payments from customers, so why would this be something you’d need to think carefully about? That’s because, when you take a payment from a mobile card terminal or via cash there are a number of things you’ll need to take into account.

There are already many mobile card terminals for small businesses, but the question is, are they really all the same and which mobile card terminal is the best one for my business? It might sound like a straightforward question, but there are certain limits that you’ll need to know about, and that’s before we’ve considered data connectivity. Plus, it’s not just the purchase price you’ll need to look at, there are other things to think about such as the how the mobile card terminal connects in order to process the payment. Talking of purchase price, did you know that the sticker price of the mobile card terminal can excludes optional monthly contract fees, etc.

When it comes to getting the right mobile card terminal for your small business, here’s the key things you might of missed – contract length, monthly charges, connectivity and reliability. So, let’s start by taking a look at contract length. Now, more often than not, a number of mobile card terminals will come with a minimum fixed term contract which can anywhere from let’s say 24 to 48 months. Whilst that sounds okay, it can be a problem especially if you’re just starting out in business and you want to avoid lengthy contacts, plus what happens if you renew after the contract – will you still get the same preferential rates?

Also don’t forget monthly charges. These are usually part of a contract based mobile card terminal and can run for up to 48 months. For some small business owners, this can be fine but for other business owners it can be a real pain as it’s yet another locked-in contract to pay for. Also, another thing to think about is connectivity – something to particularly bear in mind, if you’ve just signed a contract and have found out that the mobile card terminal you’ve been supplied with does not have great connectivity.

What about connectivity? You’ll find that on average, most mobile card terminals tend to rely on the Bluetooth power and signal strength of your mobile phone. This means that it can be incredibly awkward and time consuming to accept mobile card payments. Plus, there are other issues too, such as what happens if your mobile phone runs out of charge?

So, which is the best mobile card terminal for your small business? You’d really want a contract free mobile card terminal that can connect from anywhere, on demand. Also, you’d want a mobile card terminal that does not have to rely on your mobile phone. So the best option is either a myPOS Go or a myPOS Carbon, both of which are available to purchase right now from Novus Pay.

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