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Keeping your card terminal clean and COVID safe

7th December 2020

It’s paramount that you regularly sanitise your POS card terminals to prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19. We’ve listed some key cleaning hacks to keep your card machine clean, safe, and well-functioning…

By maintaining your card payment device, you are not only protecting yourself but your employees and customers too from the spread of diseases. Plus, you are keeping your POS machine healthy and functioning longer.

Did you know…

80% of failed card transactions are due to dirt sensitive contact points inside your card reader!

What to use:

  • Any soft, lint-free cloth dipped in warm water with just one drop of washing-up liquid. It is recommended that you use a dry cloth for more sensitive areas on the terminal.
  • Try using a disposable, disinfectant wipes or a soft cloth sprayed with disinfectant cleaning spray for electronics. However, push-button terminals may need different wipes or spray than a smart terminal, as they could be affected by alcohol solutions.
  • A ‘cleaning card’ will help clean the inside of your POS machine.
  • Remember to only use an alcohol or other solvent-based solution if you know it is suitable for your terminal.

How often should I clean my POS machine?

As part of your daily cleaning routine, your POS machine should ideally be cleaned after each customer use; however, as this is often not practical. You should try to clean your terminal readers and swipers should be cleaned hourly.


  • Make sure you read your manufacturer’s instructions for what type of cleaning products to use because it can nullify the warranty of the device
  • If you can, unplug the terminal from the power socket
  • Carefully clean the socket, and use the cleaning card according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Remember to wash your hands afterwards


  • DO NOT spray any liquid directed on the card machine
  • DO NOT leave any card slot or gaps around buttons exposed to moisture as it might damage the internal machine.


  • A customer can’t pay via contactless, hand the terminal to the terminal to the customer for a chip and PIN payment and clean it before the next person handles it
  • Smart POS terminals can be used as a screen protector
  • If your manufacturer prohibits the use of alcohol, using a screen cover can enable you to sanitise it with alcohol as long as you’re careful to avoid wiping around the screen

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