High Risk Merchants

Novus Pay can provide secure and powerful payment solutions for high-risk industries.

If your business is listed below, you are a high-risk merchant and you may find it difficult to obtain merchant services with regular merchant providers. Novus Pay has access to over 300 high-risk payment providers worldwide. We have several payment options for high-risk industries.

In most cases our payment providers will charge higher processing and transaction fees. They may also insist on longer settlement times, deposits, rolling reserves with regular monitoring on how the account is managed to ensure security and customer protection. Over time the rates can be lowered and so can the security based on the management of the merchant account.

At Novus Pay we work with payment providers who understand the nature of your industry, the company structures you operate under and your business model.

We can also assist new start-up businesses and companies who may have adverse credit.

The High-Risk Industries We Support

Payment solutions

Depending on your industry, we can provide the following payment solutions:

Payment gateways

MOTO Solutions

Pay by link

Electronic Terminals

Application Process

For each application we will need to complete an application form and provide supporting documents. We will submit your application on your behalf to a payment provider that accepts your nature of business. Average time to process an application can vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.


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