New to Cards?

Technological advancements in the world of payments has allowed merchants, no matter how small, to take card payments easily. From huge multi-nationals processing thousands of transactions per minute to local sole traders completing one job per week, the ability to accept card payments is essential in making your customers’ transactions as quick and easy as possible.

When your business begins accepting cards, you will notice a huge boost in sales as you begin to give your customers the essential payments freedom and flexibility that modern consumers want.

In 2018 card payments overtook cash for the first time, and will now start to stretch away in terms of usage. If you haven’t already made the switch to card acceptance, now is the time!

Finding the payments industry difficult to navigate? Novus Pay will help you to find the perfect card payment solutions for your business, whether this is via a terminal, via mail or telephone or online. Speak to one of our experts today to take you through the precise payment solutions you need to take your commerce to the next level.