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Card Machines for Pharmacy

Enhance your business with top Card Machines deals. Accept payments effortlessly and securely. Find the perfect Card Machines for your business needs today.

Best Card Machines for Pharmacy for Cheapest Rates And Big Savings

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Card Machines for Taxi Drivers
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    Find The Best Deals On Card Machines For Any Business

    Novus Pay provides top-tier payment processing services, specially tailored for businesses in the pharmacy sector. Our seamless card machine deals are designed to enhance efficiency and boost transactions for your business. Elevate your payment solutions with Novus Pay and experience unparalleled service and reliability for your pharmacy operations.

    Accept All Methods

    EMV Chip & PIN, contactless, magstripe or digital wallets and QR-code based payments.

    Faster Settlement

    Receive your money instantly. Get paid in under 3 seconds with DX8000, and pay no extra fees.

    Relaible Connectivity

    Always get reliable connectivity anywhere, allowing seamless transactions on the go.

    Long-lasting Battery

    High-level performance with a long-lasting battery, up to a 6’’ screen, and front and rear cameras.

    Secure Payments

    Seamless transactions with our secure card payment machines, designed to protect your business.

    No Frustrations

    Our card machines always offer competitive rates to help you save on your card processing fees.

    Boost Your Business with Our Advanced Card Machines for Pharmacy

    Upgrade Your Payment Process With Our Top-Rated Card Machines

    Card machines provide a convenient and secure way for businesses to accept payments from customers. With the ability to process chip and PIN payments, contactless transactions, and even mobile wallets, card machines offer flexibility and accessibility to a wide range of payment methods. This allows businesses to cater to the preferences of their customers and ensure a smooth and hassle-free payment experience. Furthermore, by accepting card payments, businesses can increase sales and customer satisfaction, as well as reduce the need for handling cash, leading to improved security and efficiency in their operations.

    In addition, card machines also provide valuable insights for businesses through detailed transaction reporting and analytics. This data can help businesses track sales trends, understand customer purchasing behavior, and make informed decisions to optimize their operations and offerings. By leveraging this information, businesses can identify opportunities for growth, make strategic pricing decisions, and enhance their overall business performance in the competitive market landscape. Overall, card machines offer numerous benefits for businesses, ranging from improved payment options for customers to valuable data insights for strategic decision-making.

    Countertop Payment Machines
    Credit Card Machine Card Readers

    Upgrade Your Business With Best Payment Solutions

    Superior Transaction Speed

    Enjoy unparalleled transaction speed and efficiency with our state-of-the-art card machines.

    Comprehensive Security

    Comprehensive security solutions for the business sector provide peace of mind for pharmaceutical transactions.

    Versatility and Flexibility

    Streamlined payment solutions tailored for the diverse needs of the retail healthcare industry.

    User-Friendly Interface

    User-friendly transaction devices tailored for the needs of the healthcare retail industry.

    Novus Pay Card Machines are reliable, low rate and affordable with no hidden charges.

    New to card payments?

    Launch your new business with us

    Huge savings with our amazing card payment processing machine deals. Accepting credit/debit card payments is essential to your business. We offer competitively priced payment solutions and a range of products and services to provide your business with a secure, easy and simple purchases process through our network of trusted partners and acquires. No matter what trade are you in, we have a unique solution for your to help you save money.

    Already taking card payments?

    Switch & Save with us hassle-free

    Is your business paying too much for card processing, or are you thinking about getting a better deal? If so, we can save you up to 40% off your card payments, IF WE CAN’T SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR CARD PAYMENT PROCESSING FEES, WE’LL GIVE YOU £250 in Amazon Vouchers*. With hundreds of latest card processing deals direct from the main UK banks, we are confident enough that we can find the best rates for your payment processing. Our expert team can help by making it easier to take card payments and reduce your costs.

    Why Choose NovusPay Vard Machines for Your Taxi Service?

    To find you the right deal that fits in with your taxi business needs, we look at more payment providers and solutions than anyone else. We provide all the information you need to choose the right payment solution and the best payment provider.

    In addition to the above, we can also provide the following:


    Wide selection of payment solutions


    UK-Based Customer and Technical Support Team


    Experienced Team of Industry Experts


    Dedicated, UK-Based Account Managers


    Competitive, Simple Fee Structure


    Comprehensive Fraud Protection


    Award-Winning Products

    What sets us apart?

    Honesty & Transparency

    You always get our lowest rates and there are no hidden charges.

    Completely Independent

    We work with a wide range of providers and put your needs first.

    Live Cloud Portal

    Access real time analytics and tracking information anywhere.

    Faster Payments

    We have multiple providers who offer faster payments.

    The Latest Tech

    We supply the latest technology to hit the market.

    Fraud Protection

    Take payments with peace of mind that you’re protected.

    Still Unsure About Our Card Machines ?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What factors should I consider when choosing card machines for my business?

    When choosing card machines for your pharmacy business, consider factors such as the convenience and security of payment processing, compatibility with your pharmacy management system, ability to accept various payment methods including chip and pin, contactless, and mobile payments, and the cost of transaction fees and hardware. Additionally, ensure the card machine complies with healthcare data security standards to protect patient information during transactions.

    What are the differences between countertop, portable, and mobile card machines?
    Countertop card machines are typically used at a fixed location within a pharmacy, offering stable and secure payment processing. Portable card machines allow pharmacists to accept payments from customers in different areas of the store, offering flexibility and convenience. Mobile card machines provide the ability to take payments outside the pharmacy, such as for deliveries or at off-site events, expanding the business’s reach and service offerings.
    How do I determine the best payment processing provider for my card machines?
    To determine the best payment processing provider for your card machines in a pharmacy business, consider factors such as transaction fees, reliability, customer support, compatibility with pharmacy software systems, security features to protect sensitive patient information, and integration with other financial services like insurance claims processing. Additionally, look for providers that offer compliance with healthcare payment regulations and have experience working with other pharmacies in the industry. Conduct thorough research, read customer reviews, and seek recommendations from other pharmacy owners to make an informed decision.
    Can I use a credit card machine with my existing POS system?

    Yes, you can use a credit card machine with your existing POS system in a pharmacy. Many POS systems are compatible with various credit card machines, allowing you to seamlessly integrate payment processing into your existing system. This enables you to accept credit card payments from your customers, making the checkout process easier and more convenient.

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